Cassie Jones- Human Trafficking in Africa












South Africa is one of the more modern places in Africa. However, unemployment remains very high. Economic problems keeping down pouring, like poverty, and shortage of transportation. To this day, Africa is the poorest continent on earth. Africa is a continent where majority of the people live on one dollar a day. Africa is a continent where people die for lack of food, potable drinking water, and against common preventable diseases. It is a continent where malnutrition abounds and few children under the age of five survive the menace of the six killer diseases. It is a continent where child mortality is high and life expectancy is low. It is a continent where people walk several miles for water and children have no access to education and medical care. It is a continent where rural life is nothing but a condemnation to poverty, misery, desperation and hopelessness. It is a place where people live in mud/thatched houses with bamboo/raffia leafs as roofing sheets.

South Africa is also a place, where human trafficking of men, women, and children happen. Children are trafficked within the country from poor rural areas. They take children for labor. They go after girls because of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. Boys are trafficked for force street vending, food service, beginning, crime, and agriculture. Both boys and girls are trafficked for “Multi”. This is the removal of their organs for traditional medicines.  “Ukuthewala is where they force young girls at the age of 12 to marry adult men. It’s not just in South Africa; they are doing this all over Africa, also in Kenya.  An estimate of 1000 women and children are being trafficked across the Mozambique border into South Africa alone, each year. They actually have markets, where people would actually go out and try and source children for sex. In some cases cash does not always have to be exchanged in order for
trafficking to take place, nor does the exploitation have to involve sex. Currently the South African Law reform is in the final stages of [a] draft bill dealing with trafficking. It is hoped this legislation criminalizing human trafficking will be promulgated (punished) in the next two years.

This is a movie clip about a girl who gets kidnapped into human trafficking.

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