Ancient Greece Slavery

Slaves played a crucial role in ancient Greece. Historians believe that there were more slaves than free people in ancient Greece. They worked many jobs from servants to shipmates, and also as factory and farmworkers and everything in between. Usually slaves were either born into slavery, or taken as prisoners from the many battles that Greece was having during that time.

Some of the more wealthy families would have anywhere from 10-20 slaves in their household. Household slaves usually worked as cooks and maids or worked in the fields. The slaves that wee owned by the state worked on public construction projects. The slaves that were fit, young, and obidient were sold for up to 10 minae ($180), and the old and weak slaves were sold for as little as half a minae ($9).

A lot of the work that the slaves of Ancient Greece did is still around to this day. Most of their famous architecture was build by the slaves, leaving their lasting impact. Greece wouldn’t be where it is today without the use of their slaves in ancient times to make them one of the most dominant nations of that time.

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